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Moque-Tortue - MAP with Le Griffon

About the Puzzle Master

I'm an Acadian, originally from the small village of Cocagne, New Brunswick (10 minutes north of Shédiac). I completed my undergraduate degree in Canadian Studies at Mount Allison University. After a year studying in Denmark and another year living in Ontario, I made my way to Newfoundland to study Folklore at Memorial University. I stayed on The Rock to complete a second M.A., in Religious Studies and studied Social-Cultural Anthropology as a Ph.D.

I taught Geography and Anthropology at Memorial University for eight years, and served a term as Mayor of the Town of Witless Bay. In 2017, we moved back home to Shédiac, where we opened a music school, a B&B (Le Griffon Bed & Breakfast), as well as Shediac @ Witzend. 

CBC News: "The big boom theory: Witless Bay fastest-growing town in Newfoundland and Labrador"
CBC News: "Witless Bay creates massive puffin out of beach garbage"
Sébastien in a Marine Atlantic commercial
Accountability and Education - A Short Animation on Standardized Testing (made in part by Sébastien)
A Councillors Job: Make Your Mark - a message from MNL
The CBC Interviews Sébastien Després: Standardized Testing as an Accountability Measure
What's behind the mask? The CBC's John Gaudi interviews Sébastien Després about Why we dress up for Hallowe'en
VIDEOS (Click to play!)
Here are a few videos of us so that you can get to know us a little bit better! Some of these videos are family projects, some are news stories we've featured in, and some are from our professional lives (as academics, musicians, decision-makers, actors, etc.).
Télévision Radio-Canada: "La randonnée épique d’une petite Terre-Neuvienne de 3 ans"
Sébastien introduces the NEW LOGO for the Town of Witless Bay!
A mini-documentary on the Witless Bay Puffin Patrol made by Sébastien
Radio-Canada: "Sébastien Després: Les pélerinages"
The CBC interviews Sébastien Després on Costuming practices in Newfoundland
TFO's Carte de Visite - Sébastien Després : maire de Witless Bay
Le kilomètre zéro du sentier Transcanadien, de Saint-Jean à Cape Spear
Mayor's Resignation & Wright Music Studio Goodbye Letter